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Starcraft 2 keygen

How does it work?

Our starcraft 2 keygen is developed to generate an unlimited amount of star craft 2 – wings of liberty keys. The starcraft 2 keygen is making use of an exploit which allows the keygen to enter blizzards root database. Using md5 sums makes it impossible for blizzards security systems to track the starcraft 2 keygen. The keygen features multiple proxies incase if blizzards security system would find the starcraft 2 keygen.

How to use?

Start of by downloading the starcraft 2 keygen from the mediafire link located in the video description. Once downloaded, unzip the starcraft 2 keygen rar map. When the map is unzipped, start up the startcraft 2 keygen exe file. This will bring you to the home window of the keygen. You must start of  by selecting one of the four proxy servers avaible.
If you don’t pick one you’re self the starcraft 2 keygen will randomly pick one for you.
Once the proxy is selected hit the generate button. This will start the 10 second long “generating process”. When the starcraft 2 keygen has finished generating, feel free to redeem you’re starcraft 2 code.

Why is the starcraft 2 keygen free?

We know that there are many families struggling with their economy. Families who can’t afford to buy games and etc. We wanted to help those families by giving away free starcraft 2 keys. We also enjoy making these types of keygens, and it feels great being able to contribute.

Starcraft 2 keygen, q/a

You may use our startcraft 2 keygen in any way you want. There is no risk what so ever in using in for personal reasons only. You may also sell the generated keys, but that’s on your own risk. The starcraft 2 keygen is capable of generating unlimited amounts of keys.
But it costs to rent server and we would highly appreciate any donation.

You can download the starcraft 2 keygen for free by clicking the video bellow: